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"Without Allah I am nothing.  Without Allah I am no one"

Kenny Bomer

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Dawah Fund

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Your donations help Author Kenny Bomer place his books in the hands of Non-Muslims for free as a form of Dawah.  Printing the books costs money.  You can help by donating and also receive blessings yourself for helping to share Islam with others!  Your donations also help Author Kenny Bomer with expenses associated with being an Author and propagator of Islam.  

One Time Donation

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Donations to the Author Kenny Bomer Foundation are used to help charities build water wells in countries where water is not readily available for basic needs.  Donations also help provide educational materials for children in poor countries, and to help fight hunger, and homelessness. 

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              Kenny Bomer Foundation 

              2701 Helena Suite 402

              Houston, TX.  77006

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Provides Aid to Charities & Dawah Efforts

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