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Coronavirus: A Test from Allah by Kenny Bomer

Updated: Apr 3, 2020

Tests and trials in life bring out the best and worst in people. Some tests come in the form of blessings, and some come in the form of hardships and difficulties. Despite the type of test we are facing, each and every test is a means to guide us to what is best for us. Tests are for believers and non-believers alike. Tests are for Muslims, Christians, Jews, Atheists, Agnostics, and people of every imaginable worldview in existence. I think every human every created would agree that life is a test.

Recently I made a post via social media which said, "Even with the Corona Virus changing their lives, Islamophobic Atheists are still spewing their disease-ridden words into the air!". I made the post as an afterthought, following an interaction between myself and two Atheists who couldn't seem to wrap their minds around the concept of a "Sky Daddy", as they call Him, testing mankind. They simply couldn't comprehend why a Merciful Creator would test the world with a Pandemic such as the Coronavirus.

Even in the midst of an event that has literally changed how the world functions overnight, the mockery and denial of the existence of a Creator continues. Those who dent the existence of our Creator, continue to fail test after test while unaware that they are being tested at all. They are similar to those who are unaware that they are being recorded by hidden video. They function like criminals caught in the act. They do not fear getting caught committing a crime because they don't realize they are being watched. They are those who are unaware that every action and word is being recorded.

I am currently in the process of writing my second book, Everything Is A Test: Truth has been made clear from Falsehood. The driving theme of the book is to persuade people to accept the concept of being tested all