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Escaping High Tides (Poem) by Author Kenny Bomer

You sooth my anguish

Bringing peace to my soul

I have no reason to languish

I can let the pain go

I may need a miracle

To fully make it subside

So I can rise to my pinnacle

While enjoying the ride

The path may be tricky

I may slip and slide

But I'm destined for victory

With you by my side

I've got to fight off the misery

And the tears in my eyes

In this life full of mystery

Where love still resides

In you I confide

With no reason to hide

Thoughts or emotions

That I've kept deep inside

I'm taking huge strides

Climbing tall mountain sides

Fighting to survive

Escaping high tides

With you I will rise

Like a bird in the sky

As I testify to the Oneness

Of Allah the Most High

Praise be to Allah

Author Kenny Bomer

Written April 15, 2014

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