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GOD, ALLAH , YHWH (Poem by Author Kenny Bomer 4-3-11)

What is it you believe?

Was Heaven created for just you?

And those that believe in similar ways that you do?

If that were true….

Our Creator wasted His time

In creating so many races and faces

In a diverse mankind

But man ignores the signs

How little we care

Constantly ignoring the truth

Leaves us lost and unaware

Prophets were all different

Yet their messages were the same

While leading people to our Creator

He is One!

They proclaimed

But let a common man explain

And interpret the unseen

And we’ll have numerous versions

Of the same common theme

Various versions and dreams

Like rivers to the sea

Each twisting and winding

Defining where they will be

Each and everyone different

Like the fingerprints of man

As some attempt to limit God

Because they can’t understand

From the West you look East

And it is hard to relate

Different customs have you bamboozled

As you determine their fate

You hear, “All Praise is Due to Allah”

And consider it odd

When in reality in Arabic, “Allah”, simply means, “The God”

Language barriers causing chaos

Comfort levels perplexed

Passing judgment on another

Throwing a noose around his neck

On Sunday morning in the pulpit

Preachers are shaking their fists

Wrapping God in cocoons

Marking off names from his list

Sending Muhammad to hell

For declaring Tawhid

You pray to a god man that bleeds

In Trinitarian creeds

With your arrogant needs

You refuse to concede

You burn the Qur’an

Instead of taking time to read

What would Jesus tell you

If you could hear him today?

About a Prophet and his people

That prays five times each day

Bound by total submission

As defined by ISLAM

Giving praise to Allah (God)

But yet you label us all

If one looks like another

Do they think just the same?

If one resembles Charles Manson

Does that make him insane?

The prophets all came

To address their time

Appointed by God

To guide and give signs

Giving light to the blind

So open your mind

It’s time

Unshackle their words

Don’t pick and choose passages

Or pick and choose what you heard

Allah is the Creator

Of the Heaven’s and Earth

His greatest creation is man

The Prophet Adam came first

With unlimited mercy

Enough for us all

The Christian, Jew, Muslim

Allah responds when we call

Who testify to His Oneness

As Abraham proclaimed

Before there was Jesus

Before Muhammad ever came

There was God, Allah, YHWH

But what’s in a name?

For he is ONE and FOREVER

ONE and FOREVER the same

All Praise is Due to Allah

Author Kenny Bomer

April 3, 2011

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