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HIJAB HEROES: RE: Hijabi Women Dressed Like the "Avengers" at Comic Con

Updated: Oct 21, 2019

In the name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful

I recently came across an article written By Zoë Weiner on the website, Teen Vogue (October 10, 2018) discussing Muslim Women in Hijabs, dressed as Super Heroes at New York City's 2018 Comic Con, and I couldn't help but smile!

Muslim Women who wear the Hijab on a daily basis are Heroes indeed! Muslim Women in Hijab are the greatest Ambassadors of Islam. Especially in a society that is constantly bombarded with Islamophobic rhetoric in the media, television, and in the movies.

The fourteenth chapter of my book, Consider Islam: Disproving the Patriots of Propaganda is titled, Rights of Women in Islam. In that chapter I state the following:

"This veil of darkness is a strategic and effective way of seducing women into subconsciously and systematically accepting a role of “sex object” while, at the same time, some in society are criticizing the veil or hijab worn by the Muslim Woman, and labeling those women of piety as being oppressed or subjugated, as if to say, a woman is only free if she demonstrates it by showing off her body in public displays of visual stimulation. But Islam is the light in the darkness of society that removes the veils of those blinded by misconceptions and misunderstanding. "

Muslim Women are soldiers on the front lines in this battle against Islamophobia and propaganda used to attack Islam. Muslim Men, especially one's like me being a White American born in Houston, Texas, can easily blend into society and not be noticed. People often mistake Muslim men of various ethnicities for being Hispanic, Hindu, etc.... Because Islamophobia is so extreme in some areas, Muslims tend to step into the shadows in order to avoid harassment. It is much easier for a Muslim man to avoid being recognized, than it is for Muslim Women who wear the Hijab.

Muslim Women who cover themselves in modesty, be it physically or in word and action, prevent an enumerable number of sins from being committed in society. They are heroes to us all and should be treated as such!

It is great to see the strong Muslim Women in this photo dressed as recognizable imaginary heroes that we are all familiar with. But these Women, and Muslim Women wearing Hijab all over the world, are far greater Heroes than Thor, Captain America, Black Widow, Spider Man, or Superman could ever be!. They are true life Heroes walking amongst us who are preventing men from lusting, and who are setting examples for other Women in society who have been trained to believe that women are liberated by being able to show off as much of their bodies as they want.

I plan on being at the next Comic Con that comes to Houston Insha Allah, and I would love to see Muslim Women participating and having innocent fun, and dressed up as heroes like the ones in this photo. But the fact is...…….Muslim Women in Hijabs are always dressed up like heroes! May Allah bless them for their modesty and obedience to Him! Ameen


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