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The Effects of Immodesty

Once while browsing Facebook on a bright Sunday morning, I found myself shocked by a post made by a friend of mine who I went to high school with. That friend is a Christian Preacher. His post was a photo of his twelve-year-old daughter. She was dressed very scantily in what he described as a dance outfit. She was face down on her elbows in the middle of the street with her body bent backwards so that her buttocks were directly above her head and her feet extended outward like a contortionist in a circus. A societal circus as far as I am concerned, and I was in no way amused. I was instantly disturbed by what I was viewing. I could not fathom how my Christian friend could unwisely post such a revealing photo of his daughter on the internet, let alone seeming to be more than okay with her being dressed and positioned that way in the middle of the street.

In his post he stated how proud he was of his daughter, but I could not get past questioning in my mind exactly what it was about that photo that