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The True Face of Terrorism

In the Name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful.

My heart hurts today. Islamophobia is something that I strive to combat on a daily basis with writings such as this via social media, my YouTube channel, and in my book. Why? Because I know true Islam. The version that is utilized by the broad strokes of the media and groups such as ISIS are unfamiliar to me. I know the Islam that I feel when I am alone in prayer as well as when I am aligned in ranks in prayer with my Muslim Brothers from various parts of the world. Most of which are people that I have never seen before, but still feel as though I know them, simply because they are my Muslim Brothers and Sisters. I would do anything for them. I love them. It is such a wonderful feeling to stand beside people of all nationalities as we all bow before our Creator despite our races, economic status, or positions in this world. We are all humbled when we stand before Allah, our Creator. We will stand before him in a similar fashion on the day of judgment.

This is why it hurts me so deeply that this terrorist white supremist killed so many of our Muslim Brothers and Sisters today, while they were doing what Allah has created us all to do. That is, worship Him.

Surah Adh-Dhariyat (51:56)

"I created the jinn and humankind only that they might worship Me. (56) I seek no livelihood from them, nor do I ask that they should feed Me. (57) Lo! Allah! He it is that giveth livelihood, the Lord of unbreakable might. (58) And lo! for those who (now) do wrong there is an evil day like unto the evil day (which came for) their likes (of old); so let them not ask Me to hasten on (that day). (59) And woe unto those who disbelieve, from (that) their day which they are promised. (60)"

This life is a test to us all. We are being tested in current times with the propagation of Islamophobia that plants deep seeded hatred in the hearts of many people. Those people have been blinded by the hatred that pulses through the veins of society which pulses with fear of the unknown. It makes them afraid of that which has never effected them personally. They are in fear that Muslims are trying to take over their way of life.

The fact is, Muslims are in fear as well. Muslims are often times afraid to reveal that they are Muslim due to the threat of backlash for doing so. This is all due to the skullduggery of propaganda and hatred used against Islam which promotes hatred and division. That hatred causes people to lash out at those who have never done them any harm. Defenseless people such as the Muslims killed by the 28yo Australian man Brenton Tarrant, in New Zealand, as well as the victims killed in the past by those of a similar mentality, who claim to be Muslims.

Nevertheless Islam continues to grow by the Will of Allah. As Islam continues to be targeted, more and more people are coming to embrace Islam as they research the truth about it for themselves. Tragedies such as the one in New Zealand give us a sense of loss in the present as Islamophobia attempts to distort the truth, but Islam will win in the long run as the truth is discovered by more and more people through these horrific events. Allah says in the Qur'an:

Surah Al-Isra (17:81)

"And say: "Truth has (now) arrived, and Falsehood perished: for Falsehood is (by its nature) bound to perish." (81) We send down (stage by stage) in the Qur'an that which is a healing and a mercy to those who believe: to the unjust it causes nothing but loss after loss. (82) Yet when We bestow Our favors on man, he turns away and becomes remote on his side (instead of coming to Us) and when evil seizes him he gives himself up to despair! (83)"

In the hate filled manifesto in the possession of the New Zealand Terrorist, it is said to suggest animosity for churches being converted into Mosques, as being part of the reason for the attacks. Yes it is true that more and more churches are closing their doors and more and more Mosques (Masjids) are being erected, but it is not as a result of some "Sneaking Sharia" or "Muslim Takeover". It is happening because truth is taking over.

We as Muslims worship none other than our Creator and are criticized for doing so. Our Muslims Sisters dress modestly in a world where the female body is exploited, yet our Muslims Sisters are targeted or seen as being oppressed or subjugated. We stop for prayer numerous times daily to recognize Allah our Creator but are accused of worshipping Satan or being Anti-Christ. When we speak out regarding these issues we are accused of playing the victim card as if we are supposed to remain quiet.

I will not be quiet. I will stand in defense of this beautiful religion and speak out against all forms of oppression. I encourage my Muslim Brothers and Sisters to be patient. There is no need to lash out or meet hatred with hatred. The final outcome is with Allah. Believers and Non-Believers alike will stand before Allah on the Day of Judgment and so all we can do now is stay steadfast in prayer and ask Allah to make the burden easy for the families of the victims in New Zealand and to have mercy on those killed. May Allah have mercy on us all. Ameen

Kenny Bomer


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